Our history

The history of this land predates the Gallo-Roman era.

The history of this land predates the Gallo-Roman era. The presence of a Dolmen, dating back approximately 4000 years, attests to this. From living memory (and archives), the Jas de Bel Argent (previously called “Jas de la Maure”) has always been a farm.

Until 1981, the land had 11 ha of vines in direct plants. For the record, these were forbidden plants that the new owners, Daniel and Danièle VAJDA, had to have uprooted. Subsequently, the land was mainly exploited to cultivate cereals.

It was in 2019 that their daughter, Florence VAJDA, and her companion, Joao DOS SANTOS, set themselves the challenge of rebuilding a vineyard on this magnificent piece of land.
The project was a dream but many challenges had to be met.
First, it was drainage. 

At the beginning of 2019...

The winter before planting, you couldn't enter the field without getting bogged down with the tractor or even on foot.
A lot of preparatory work had to be done before any planting.


Land preparation 

First planting : 2019

We were sometimes overwhelmed by weeds (the joy of organic)

From planting to trellising, from weeding with a hoe to endless disbudding, the preparation work was such that Joao's parents joined us in the adventure.

Planting 2020


Installation of sprinkler and fence

To protect our dear grapes from wild boar attacks, we had to install a fence.

Planting 2021

Planting 2022

This year, we have decided to plant the following grape varieties :

  • White ugni
  • Caladoc (disease-resistant grape variety that will allow us to greatly reduce our copper needs)
  • Clairette (little madness for a future Provençal sparkling wine, who knows? But for the moment, hush, it's growing...)

2022 : Cuvée L'inconnue (The Unknown)

The 2022 vintage will be the result of enormous teamwork. We will have put all our ardor and our love into it to make the best possible wine.