Fledgling winery

Our history

Jas de Bel Argent is a very young vineyard whose first vines were planted in 2019. At the cost of enormous work, this field in one piece was transformed into a 30 acres (12ha) vineyard in the space of 3 years.

Since the beginning of the adventure, we have chosen and adhered to the methods of organic farming. We are proudly able to create an Organic Certified wine from our very first cuvée.

The year 2022 will be the first vintage. We have pampered our vines for this cuvée which we have named as "L'Inconnue" (The Unknown)

Organic agriculture

At Jas de Bel Argent, the choice to grow our crops organically was straightforward from the beginning. "Bio", a big word, is used all the time. But how is this principle applied? What does it represent ?

In a nutshell, this is how we grow "organic" :

  • Weeding : Enemy number one is everything that grows around the vine. Weeds not only suck up water but also all the nutrients necessary for the development of the vine and its fruit. However, we have implemented mechanical solutions and avoided resorting to chemical means, we have worked the land by hand-hoeing at first and then with minimal machinery such as inter-vine cultivator. So organic, for us, means: back pain, hand blisters and excess-weight loss (better than 45 minutes of cardio). Notice to fans...
  • Treatments : Even on an "organic" farm, we have to use products such as :
    • copper, we have use the eco-friendly traditional Bouillie Bordellaise, to fight against the mildew disease. Although organic, we tried to minimize the quantity used and over a period of two years, starting from no Bouillie at all we have identified the minimum quantity necessary.
    • Wettable sulfur to fight against powdery mildew or erinosis.
    • And then that's all. For the moment, we have not had to use any other control product.
  • The amendment  : nothing better than Sheep manure (from organic farming) or composted green vine waste. The result is satisfying.

We will certainly not obtain the same yields as in conventional. It's a lot more land work and a lot more handling in general. Overall, our vines are growing and adapting to organic constraints (competition with weeds, no synthetic fertilizers). But we work without any stress related to the toxicity of what we touch throughout the year and the land is easier and easier to work.

At Jas de Bel Argent, there is no alternative. Much more than a cultural practice, "organic" is a lifestyle choice.


Discover our wines

We offer 3 types of wines :

  • In red grape varieties: Syrah, Merlo
  • In rosé grape variety: Grenache
  • In white grape variety: Vermentino

The first cuvée will be ready for the end of this year 2022 in rosé and white. The red won't be ready until next spring !

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